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Have you been putting off your window replacement? Home remodeling projects can feel overwhelming, especially for first-time homebuyers or when new problems arise. If you think it may be time for a window upgrade, use this FAQ guide to help answer your questions.

When Should I Replace My Windows?

While most windows last for 15-20 years, windows can still perform well past their typical age. Windows will show signs that they need to be replaced in different ways. Some common signs that it’s time for a window replacement include:

  • Drafty Windows
  • Difficult to Open Windows
  • Difficult to Clean Windows
  • Increased Energy Bills
  • Noticeable Condensation

How Much Does a New Window Replacement Cost?

The average price of a Kansas City window replacement is $500-$700 per standard window. However, this price changes depending on the window brand, installation team, material, and size. While investing in windows may seem like a lot up front, look for companies that protect your investment with long-term warranties, financing plans, and free consultations.

Can I Replace Just One Window, or Do I Need to Replace Them All?

Many window replacement companies let you replace the exact amount of windows that you need. However, you can often save money by paying for products and installations in bulk. If you need just one window replaced, you may benefit from a window repair. Window repairs are a great solution that helps you fix damaged glass without having to replace your entire window system.

What Are Energy-Saving Windows?

Energy-saving windows, also called energy-efficient windows, are designed to prevent heat and cold from escaping your home. These windows are created with low-E glass, double or triple panes, and insulating chambers. Energy-saving windows are a sought-after choice because of their performance, eco-friendly advantages, and ability to help you save on heating and cooling costs.

There Are So Many Window Styles to Choose From. Which Window Style Is Best?

The window style you choose will alter the amount of ventilation, sunlight, and curb appeal you bring to your home. If you need help deciding on window styles, your window replacement contractor will help you select an option that makes sense for your needs. Some popular window styles include:

  • Classic Double-Hung Windows
  • Unobstructed Picture Windows
  • Herb Garden Windows
  • Simple Casement Windows
  • Basement Hopper Windows

Learn More From Your Local Kansas City Window Replacement Company

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