Row of homes with different colors of siding

The big question before any home exterior remodel is what kind of siding do you want to have installed? Of course, there are several factors that go into choosing the siding for your property. From looking at costs to considering how much maintenance you want to do, you'll need to take each into account before making your final choice for Kansas City siding replacement.

The Cost of the Materials

Your materials costs are probably the biggest concern when it comes to home remodeling projects. Plus, siding installation quotes can be eye-popping. Thankfully, you can find products that look great and fit neatly in your budget range too. 

The most expensive home exterior options are stone and brick, though they offer unparalleled durability for homeowners. 

On the other end of the spectrum is vinyl lap siding. One of the most popular home siding choices in the United States, an insulated vinyl offers low-maintenance, affordability, and tons of color and style options.

Amount of Maintenance Involved

No one wants to deal with a lot of maintenance on their homes. Installing a low-maintenance replacement siding is a great way to cut back on the extra work. 

Vinyl siding has consistently proven to be an easy to keep clean and repair siding that doesn't need staining or painting. Other great options for maintenance include metal siding, stone, and engineered wood siding.

Homeowners trying to control pests in their properties can also look to their siding for added protection. Stone, metal, and fiber cement are all resistant to insects, mold, and mildew growth. Vinyl is also pest resistant. 

In the long-term, vinyl that's installed on shady parts of the home may develop mildew growth in the spring. However, this is easily treated with a pressure wash using mildew-killing products.

The Style & Architecture of the Home

You may also be looking to preserve the original style and design intentions of the home builders, or keep your property in the style of the period it was built. The type of siding you choose can have a big impact on the way your home looks. 

However, many modern materials are available in the styles of older properties. So you can enjoy the look of a period home without the added maintenance or expense. 

For instance, James Hardie offers a shingle siding and staggered shingle siding that works well on cabins and bungalow style homes.

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