A Sunroom

When homeowners consider adding a sunroom to their property, a common question is if it's energy-efficient. While a sunroom can seem like a simple addition, it may also lead homeowners to believe they will receive higher energy costs.

As a professional sunroom company, we have installed numerous outdoor sunrooms for customers. This article will discuss if sunrooms are energy efficient and how you can improve their performance. 

What Is The Most Efficient Sunroom Type?

If you want the most efficient sunroom type for your property, your best option is a four seasons room. A four seasons room has the efficiency to provide a comfortable environment year-round. 

With air-conditioning in the room, you can set the temperature to provide the ideal atmosphere. When a contractor builds the all-season room, they will make sure it is as efficient as possible. 

From the construction materials to the window glazing, the sunroom has all the features to lower energy costs. If installed correctly, this sunroom will have a similar efficiency to a room inside your property. 

Can Sunrooms Save You Energy Costs? 

During the colder months, you may find yourself turning up the heating to a comfortable temperature. However, if you have a sunroom, there is the benefit of the natural light to warm you. 

While sitting in your sunroom, you can harness the warmth of the sun for no extra cost. The savings can be achieved by choosing the right windows and orientation for the structure. 

In most cases, a sunroom that faces south will receive the most sunlight throughout the day. Additionally, you should have windows that have proper glazing and positioning. 

How Do You Increase The Efficiency of Sunrooms? 

If you have a sunroom on your property, you may be curious about what you can do to improve its efficiency. Fortunately, there are several cost-effective ways to increase the efficiency of sunrooms.

Some of the most effective ways to increase efficiency are:

  • Installing Weatherstripping 
  • Add Window Tinting 
  • Install a Modern Ceiling Fan
  • Choose a Solar Film 

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