When most homeowners think about remodeling, they assume they need to wait until the summer. Many people start dreaming up their remodeling project in the fall. But by the time summer comes around, all the remodeling contractors are booked.

The truth is that any season can work for a remodeling project. Read on to learn more.

It’s a well-kept secret that winter is often the best time to get your remodeling done. Contractors aren’t as busy during this season, so they have more time to give you one-on-one attention. This attention assures that you get exactly what you’re looking for on an efficient time table.

Plus, you’ll save money by remodeling in the winter. With less business for the contractors, you may find it easier to negotiate a better price. Since not as many people remodel in the winter, suppliers and distributors offer great deals, and products are often less expensive as well.

Even exterior additions are possible in the winter. After all, frozen ground is better for building foundations than muddy ground.

Cold weather isn’t always the best for bathroom remodels, though. Freezing temperatures in a torn-down bathroom can be unpleasant for your entire family.

In Missouri, snowstorms and freezing temperatures could delay your winter remodeling project. Cold weather and fewer hours of sunlight can also slow down the work.

Many people want to remodel when the weather starts to improve. People are often ready to embrace a new beginning, and that aspiration can translate to home updates. Plus, more hours of sunlight mean contractors can work longer and get the job done faster.

Many people are anxious to complete their remodeling projects in the spring so they can enjoy them during the summer, so spring is often a busy time for contractors. You might find it difficult to schedule a convenient time. You may also end up paying more for remodeling than you would during the off-season.

In Missouri, spring is the wettest season of the year. Heavy rain and muddy grounds may lead to delays in your project. Make sure your workers are careful not to track muddy footprints into your home.

Warm weather is ideal for most remodeling projects. Summer weather also means you can enjoy any outdoor additions right away. You can relax right away in your new sunroom, screened room, or pergola. Summer is also a good time to install roofing and siding, since roofing materials need heat to seal properly.

However, in Missouri, summer can sometimes bring brutal heat. Outdoor remodeling projects can be hard to complete in blistering hot weather. Plus, prices for both work and materials usually increase in the summer.

Keep in mind that choosing a summer remodel can be an advantage if you plan to go on summer vacation. You won’t be inconvenienced by the workers taking over your home. But if you’re staying at home and your kids are home on summer break, remodeling can be a nightmare. You’ll have to find somewhere for your kids to play that’s out of the way of the workers.

Fall is a good time to remodel for a couple of reasons. Workers probably won’t have to deal with extreme heat or cold and can work long hours without tiring. Plus, paint reacts well to cool weather.

However, August to November can be a busy time for contractors. Many people want to complete their projects before winter and the holiday season. If you decide to remodel in the fall, make sure you start early.

There’s no wrong time to remodel. Each season offers its own advantages and disadvantages. If you’re contemplating a remodeling project, you don’t need to delay it for a “better” season. Call Four Seasons Home Products for a quote on your project—no matter what time of year you plan to start it.