The weather’s warming up, but you can still expect some cooler temperatures and a lot of rain before the summer heat kicks in. In the meantime, you may want to view the blossoms and new greenery outdoors while staying out of any inclement weather.

A sunroom provides a great way to enjoy your backyard while still using your home’s shelter. Keep reading to find four ways to use a sunroom this spring.

If you love to garden, a sunroom can be a great way to get your plants started before you move them outdoors. The plethora of windows allows lots of natural light in, especially because most sunrooms enjoy southern or western exposure to take full advantage of the daylight.

Because a sunroom is full of natural light but still warmer than the outdoor temperature, your seedlings can start growing but stay protected against any unexpected frosts. When the weather heats up for summer, you can transplant the now-established plants to your outdoor garden. And in the fall, if you’re sad to see your garden go, you can try growing plants in your sunroom during the winter.

Working Out
If you enjoy working out at home but constantly have to clear away space in the living room or master bedroom for a yoga mat or treadmill, exercising can be anything but peaceful. Sunrooms are the perfect space to install a brightly lit personal yoga studio or a private area for your exercise bike.

You may want to enjoy the outdoors but don’t want to run in the rain, so put a treadmill in your sunroom. You can view the beauty of your backyard while staying dry, and you can open up a few windows to let fresh air in. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of the outdoors without leaving your house.

Do your kids get stir crazy during spring storms when it’s too cold and wet to play outside or go to the park but too boring inside? A sunroom is your answer. Outdoor toys like slides and ride-on cars can fit easily in a sunroom, providing a place for more active kiddos to burn off some energy when the backyard is too wet or chilly.

To keep your kids out of the mud outside without losing your sanity, consider adding items like a miniature trampoline or an exercise ball for additional fun. Craft supplies and a craft table would also make a great addition. The sunroom has lots of excellent natural light for crafts, and then the mess of crafting doesn’t spread to your kitchen or dining room table.

Many people go on vacation during spring break or during the very beginning of summer when school gets out. If you have relatives visiting during this time, a finished sunroom gives you a bonus space to house guests you normally do not have and gives you a place to set up extra tables for eating together.

Additionally, a sunroom can be the place where either the kids get sent to play or the adults escape to be able to talk in peace. Having extra space when guests come over is always an advantage so you don’t step on each other’s toes.

Sunrooms are one of the most versatile, but also one of the most under-utilized, rooms in the house. If you already have a sunroom, make sure you make the most of yours this spring. If don’t have a sunroom but would like to build one on to your home, contact Four Seasons Home Products. We can construct your sunroom so that it becomes one of the most beautiful and useful rooms in your home.