Today’s homeowners around the country see more and more often the value of adding a sunroom to their property. Sunrooms add useful space to any house and create a unique centerpiece the whole family can enjoy.

As you plan your new sunroom, you have many choices in materials, colors, styles, and features. Among this variety of options are choices about what type of ceiling you want. What can you choose from and why? Here are the most common.

Vaulted Ceilings

Any vaulted ceiling automatically makes a room look and feel larger. Sunrooms are no exception. Vaulted, or cathedral, ceilings can be of any roofing material you wish and can be solid, semi-opaque, or even clear. They add to the light and airy feeling that most homeowners want from their sunroom.

Many different styles of sunroom can have a cathedral-style ceiling, but the most common is the conservatory style. Made with glass against a metal skeleton, conservatory sunrooms mimic the beautiful and luxurious greenhouses and sitting rooms that were popular among European and American landowners in past centuries.

Glass Ceilings

Sunrooms often bring a little bit of the outdoors inside your home. For many homeowners, then, a glass ceiling is one key way to achieve this goal. You get a brighter space during the day and the ability to enjoy evening sunsets and starry night skies. If part of your reason for adding a sunroom is to take advantage of a good view on your property, use a clear ceiling to make the most of it.

The biggest downside of a glass ceiling is often the possibility that the room will heat up during warm summers. If this is a concern, combat higher temperatures in a variety of ways. Low-E glass helps prevent heat and cold loss with better insulation. Overhead fans keep a breeze going, and you can even add an extension of your home’s HVAC system if necessary.

Curved Ceilings

A curved outside edge is a classic feature of many sunroom styles. With this method, you usually have a flat ceiling that is either clear to the sky or opaque and which rolls down with a curve to meet the far wall.

Curved sunrooms are a simple style that is perfect for a smaller sunroom. Even if you only have space or budget for a room addition that juts out from the house a few meters, the curved edges provide excellent bang for your buck in terms of space usage and beauty.

Straight Eave Ceilings

Many architectural features of sunrooms are designed to make them stand out within the landscape and along the home’s exterior. But what if you want a room that fits more into the original architecture of the house? Then a straight eave (or single slope) ceiling is a good choice.

With this style, the sunroom extends at an angle from the eave of your home and appears to be part of the original design of the house. Generally, you would use materials that fit the home exteriors — roofing, siding, trim, and paint — so that the transition is seamless. For the interior, many homeowners enjoy modern wood plank ceilings as well as traditional plaster.

Which style of sunroom roof is right for your home? The answer depends on your budget, goals, and property. No matter whether you want the height of a cathedral ceiling, the simplicity of a curve, or the quiet beauty of a straight ceiling, you’ll design a space that will bring joy for many years to come.

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