Are you ready for a bathroom renovation at your home in the Kansas City area? If so, you may be wondering what some of the best remodels you can do to optimize your space are. Living with a small bathroom isn’t easy, especially if you’ve begun to accumulate many belongings over the years.

Install Glass Showers

While bathtubs are a great and functional fixture for most members of the family, they tend to take up more space than you’d like to waste in your small bathroom. By removing an oversized tub and replacing it with a more convenient glass shower, you can free up this area to rethink your small bathroom floor plan. Not only that but clear glass shower doors can create the illusion of more space by eliminating all visual barriers.

Add Bigger Windows for More Light

If your small bathroom is dark and uninviting it may seem even smaller than it actually is. To rectify this, adding bigger windows can help highlight all the work you put into the bathroom’s other details. Or, if it’s possible for your room, a skylight is a great way to visually expand the space and bring a little luxury in at the same time.

Utilize Large Mirrors

Similar to adding large windows, a large mirror can help add more lighting which is important in small spaces. For a clean look with minimal visual clutter, a large single mirror is a perfect choice for your room. This can even create the optical illusion that your room has more space than it really does.
Install a Timeless Space-Saving Small Sink

One area where you can save some space in your bathroom that many people don’t think of is by investing in a smaller sink. A wall-mounted miniature version of a sink is a timeless look that will enhance the appeal, and increase the space, of every small bathroom.

Create Built-in Bath Storage

Small bathrooms can feel even smaller with cumbersome storage furniture that is taking up too much space. To fix this, consider adding built-in bathroom storage by building in bureaus that blend in beautifully with the vanity. Alternatively, utilizing medicine cabinets for storage is a great way to remove any unwanted fixtures in your small bathroom.

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