Garden windows are like superpowers. There are so many ways you can use them to improve your life.

Garden windows should not be confused with bay or bow windows. Bay or bow windows extend from the home’s exterior walls like garden windows. However, bow and bay windows are composed of traditional glass window panes with a standard roof placed overhead.

A garden window also juts out from the home, but it has a slanted roof made of glass instead of shingles or metal. Garden windows resemble tiny greenhouses cut in half lengthwise. They can be crafted in many sizes, colors and dimensions to coordinate with any home architecture or decor.

If you want to do something different with one or more rooms, having a garden window installed is a great way to be inspired. There are many creative uses for a garden window, including the five listed below.

Brighten Up a Dim Room

Some rooms are outfitted with windows that let in far too little sunlight. A garden window in the same window spot increases the amount of sunlight that enters and reflects off of surfaces in the space. Bathrooms, kitchens and sitting rooms all get a boost of brightness.

Replace a long bank of windows with garden windows for an expansive effect with a great view. This is a great entertaining feature in a living area or next to a dining table.

Upper-floor rooms with small windows also benefit from the increased light of a garden window. Install a garden window in the breakfast nook for early morning sunshine with your first cup of coffee.

Create Amazing Holiday Displays

Some neighborhoods go all out for holidays. The Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas decorations are awe-inspiring in these communities as families compete to have the best displays.

With garden windows, you can create three-dimensional holiday decorations using lights, figures and other props. Place tiny trees, LED candles, tinsel garlands, big red glitter hearts and more in your garden windows to increase your home’s holiday coverage. Use white glass markers to make big snowflakes or spell out sayings.

A garden window installed on the rear wall of your home can be used to make backyard weddings, parties and BBQs more festive. Arrange balloons, signs and other celebratory decor in the 3D-shaped window or use a video monitor and videos in the window for your own “special effects.”

Bring More Plants Inside for Winter

Every autumn, it’s the same heartache. All of your beautiful annuals must be left outdoors to turn crisp and brown with the first hard freeze. Unless you have a heated greenhouse, all of the color and hard work of summer are lost.

Keep more of your plumbagos, geraniums and other delicate plants alive until next spring with a garden window. Plant some of your annuals in pots at the start of summer, or dig up annuals and pot them up for indoor growth before the first frost hits. Many annuals have roots that can be divided, so you only need a section of a large plant.

As long as sunlight, water and plant-food needs are met, your plants will thrive indoors in the garden window. Some plants may get a bit scraggly as winter ends, but you can repot them when it’s time to set them outdoors, and they’ll grow huge in no time.

Ferns, Asiatic lilies, coleus, marigolds and even miniature roses can be nurtured in your garden window. Make sure to ask your professional window installer to use a window with low-E glass to keep the garden environment warm even on cold winter nights.

Keep Plant Debris Contained

Maybe you already bring in plants for the winter, or maybe you have a collection of herbs and houseplants that’s taking over every available window sill. When plants are scattered around the home, plant care becomes more of a chore than it needs to be.

A garden window with shelves provides space for multiple houseplants or outdoor plants that are brought in for the season. The dead leaves, dirt and water drips won’t harm the floor and can be easily wiped away.

If the window is next to a sink, set up an easy irrigation and water-based feeding system. Some garden windows open from the outside. This feature enables you to manage plants and dirt inside windows while outdoors.

Please the Cat Immensely

Cat owners who install garden windows may discover that they can’t place any plants in the window. Their cats have claimed the spaces as their own sunny cat caves.

A garden window can be an entertaining spot for a bored cat while you’re at work. A garden window placed over a busy city street or a wildlife-inhabited backyard can be quite entertaining for humans, too.

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