To attract buyers, you don’t need to go crazy with expensive upgrades. The key is to know which features are hot in your area. Local contractors and real estate agents are good sources of information for the trends that sell houses in your town.

You can also check out real estate ads to see which features are being pushed in your region for another glimpse into what’s hot and what’s not. And, of course, experts in home remodeling routinely study the most popular trends in upgrades.

If you’re still unsure of how you want to remodel your home, then here are five sought-after makeover ideas for your kitchen and bathroom renovations.

  1. White, Gray, and Black

Choose neutral shades for large surfaces including walls, countertops, and cabinets. White, gray, and other shades of gray are the most popular colors in renovations. Charcoal gray and black accents are modern colors that work as accents in furnishings and fabrics.

Achieve the white-gray look with a new quartz, marble, or granite installation on your counters, sink consoles, center islands, and bar tops. Use natural stone tile in showers and flooring applications. White or painted cabinets are preferable to wood or metal cabinets.

Choose neutral colors to help sell your home faster. Interested lookers are more likely to pick your home if they can picture their own furnishings in the rooms. And white and gray kitchens and bathrooms provide a clean slate for new residents to decorate as they prefer.

  1. Farmhouse Chic

Use modern farmhouse elements that are understated yet warm. Barn doors on tracks are popular room elements to divide spaces and provide privacy. Another tip is to choose distressed cabinets painted in Shaker-style colors or embellished with French country trim. Use farmhouse-style tiles as a backsplash material.

But don’t go too far with the farmhouse look, or you end up with the rustic-cabin effect. A touch of old-fashioned is good. However, too much may turn some buyers away. Counter the homey look of farmhouse furnishings with stainless steel appliances and contemporary lighting.

  1. Simple, Clean Lines

Minimalists have shamed the utterly cluttered look nearly out of existence, but it’s not completely gone yet. A new trend of maximalism is taking over just in time to rehang those sentimental rose curtains and dust off the oil lamps.

However, if you plan to sell your home soon, err on the side of minimalism when choosing materials for kitchen and bathroom renovations. A stand-alone tub or walk-in shower can be simple yet stunning simply because of the newness of the hardware and tile accents. When you use busy wallpaper or carpet, you risk turning off buyers who don’t share your taste.

Use gold fixtures and white porcelain to make a statement in the bathroom. Have your contractor install a prep sink on your kitchen’s center island. These small but elegant changes give your home a custom look without going too far.

  1. Built-In Cabinets and Bars

Organization and entertaining spaces are top priorities for busy families. It’s better to have a large walk-in pantry in the kitchen than a breakfast nook. Built-in shelves in the home office, gaming area, and dining room are also great selling points for families.

A built-in bar is a great renovation plan in areas where craft beers and home brewing are popular. Have your contractor install a refrigerator, ice maker, and small double sink behind the bar for maximum host potential. Built-in home theater setups are a draw for gamers. TV watchers, and movie lovers.

Built-in bookcases in a study or playroom are nice touches. In the kitchen, install built-in recycling bins, appliance storage, microwaves, and trash compactors. A shed in the backyard and tool storage in the garage are selling points for DIY types and landscaping lovers

  1. Bathroom Changes

White, off-white, and gray are popular in the bathroom. Use a charcoal gray console with an updated square sink made of white marble. A gray stone shower with a white shower curtain makes great use of these colors, too. If you prefer more color in the bathroom area, then use rose gold faucets and handles.

Update the mirrors and wiring in the bathroom for modern needs. Provide wall-length mirrors with ample lighting for makeup application and hair styling. Make sure there are plenty of plugs and enough current flowing to the room to manage them. Your contractor can check for ground fault interrupters on all outlets.

Replace outdated toilets, shower heads, and sink faucets with low-flow versions to create more sustainable bathrooms. In areas where water is scarce or expensive, this green upgrade is a selling point. Modern water-saving fixtures deliver full comfort and flushing power. It’s a win-win to have inefficient plumbing fixtures replaced.