Sunrooms are advantageous to any home. They allow you to enjoy the outdoors from inside. They also extend your livable space. Sunroom décor varies as much as the style of sunrooms themselves. How you plan to use your sunroom will also dictate the décor. Here are some décor elements that would complement any style of sunroom and its usage.

1. Window Seat

Sunrooms are basically built out of windows, so incorporating a window seat into the design makes perfect sense. The window seat will offer a dedicated area for lounging in the sun. Window seats are usually benches, so they feature a well for storage — another benefit they could provide in your sunroom.

The design of your window seat should match the overall décor of the room. However, sunrooms do often feature wooden window seats. You could leave the wood natural for added warmth or paint it white to promote the bright, airy appeal of your sunroom. Some designers even trim the seat with white clapboard. You could also vary the cushions according to the season.

2. Eye-Catching Planters

With all those windows, you get a lot of natural light. Many homeowners make use of that natural light by growing plants in their sunrooms. Indeed, sunrooms are often foliage-heavy spaces, which adds to their charm. You could have the planters built in, or you could choose an array of decorative pots. If you choose the former, opt for a material that complements the room trim.

With pots, you have a dizzying variety from which to choose. You can have hanging planters, those that go on shelves, and those in stands. You can even opt for upcycled planters, such as watering cans. The key is to draw some connection between all the planters. This connection can be a shared material, color palette, or theme.

3. Transitional Décor Item

Part of the reason you want to incorporate plants into your sunroom décor is because they draw a connection to the outdoors. Try to find another décor item — or even several — to create a sense of transition between the two spaces.

One option is to choose a décor item or material you’d normally find outdoors. That sense of transition is why many decorators turn to wicker for their sunroom décor — it’s a material generally associated with patio furniture.

Another option is to choose items that mimic the outdoors. For example, some of your textiles could feature plant life. Your overall color scheme could also feature the blues, greens, and browns found outside.

4. Statement Lighting

Sunrooms are naturally brightly lit spots, but you will need lighting if you plan to use the room after sundown or before dawn. Consider incorporating a statement light, usually a ceiling fixture with a lot of character. This statement light will provide a décor focal point.

As with the other items, the style of your statement piece depends on the overall theme. You can go as formal as a chandelier or as casual as a repurposed outdoor light. Some charming options for sunrooms include modernized chandeliers, beachy ceiling fans, and retro light fixtures. Spend some time looking at different styles to find a statement that you want to make with your décor.

5. Glass Décor Object

As noted above, sunrooms are for sun. Consider reflecting that light around to increase the brightness. Mirrors might be a little intense for a sunroom unless you place them so they don’t reflect direct sunbeams. Instead, consider incorporating glass décor objects. The glass will not only reflect the natural light; it will glow with its own beauty.

Vases are common glass décor items and are also ideal for displaying cuttings from your nearby plants. Look for pretty vases that will shimmer in the sun. You could also look for antique items, such as glass trays or plates. A glass statue would also be stunning. Place your glass décor item so it catches the beams.

Decorate your sunroom to promote the benefits it brings to your life and home. Let Four Seasons Home Products add a beautiful sunroom to your home.