Are you building or remodeling your Overland Park or Kansas City home? Don’t get left with buyer’s remorse after you install the wrong type of windows. Make sure you’re educated on the different kinds and style of windows available to you. Here are four common styles of windows that can be used in different areas of your home, and you can find all of them at your Kansas City Four Seasons Home Products.

1. Double Hung Windows
This style of replacement windows is a classic. They have an upper, outside sash that slide up with the help of weights, springs, or friction devices. These are used in most homes because they are easy to open, and they usually have a nice traditional look to them. Many classic styles have wood or vinyl grilles, also known as grids. Those are the bars that divide a window into smaller panes. Some newer models also tilt at the sash for easy cleaning.

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2. Casement Windows
These replacement windows typically look and operate differently. Usually more modern looking, casement windows are usually hung alone or in pairs. They allow for a more unrestricted view, which is ideal if you have a scenic yard or live in a scenic area. These windows swing outward or inward and are operated by a crank. These have a wide range of motion, which allows them to open fully, and makes them easy to clean. They also offer superior ventilation.

3. Sliding Windows
Sliding replacement windows are excellent for sealing in energy. Usually, one panel is fixed and another slides horizontally. This means only half of the total window can open at one time.

4. Glass Block Windows
This style of window is composed of break-resistant glass that is very thick. Typically the glass lets light into a room, but obstructs an outsider’s view of the inside. Glass block windows are great for places where you want more privacy or security, like a bathroom or basement.